Day two of writin’ daily

Here I am again. Thought I’d get this out of the way at the beginning of the day. Some cool stuff:

  1. Andrew Bird has a new EP called Hark! that has some Christmas songs on it.
  2. Coldplay will be releasing a new album on the 22nd, and they’ve already dropped three and a half songs: Orphans, Arabesque, Everyday Life, and a snippet of Guns.

Also, the Jazz play tonight. The Bucks seem to always beat us. We will see if we can hold our own against Giannis. It would be nice if we could score a bit more.

My knee really hurts. They both just kinda started randomly hurting. Must be getting old.

Welp, there’s my writing for the day, for now at least. If anything really cool pops into my head, maybe I’ll write a bit more.

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