The Piano Is a Window to My Soul

Sometimes I listen to myself play the piano and just marvel at what God has poured out through me. I sit back and admire the love and feeling he’s flooded into and out of my soul and through my fingers. I’m blessed to share God’s love with others through music. That’s such a humbling blessing. I don’t seek my own glory, but rather feel humbled at what God has imbued me with.

I’m a deeply emotional person who often struggles to show how I truly feel. But sometimes my fingers touch the ivory and do the talking. I’m grateful when people appreciate the depth of feeling and the little pieces of my soul I pour into my music. I feel sad when they think I’m just another person who plays the piano. Another kid in Utah who took piano lessons. A dime a dozen. When they don’t connect with what I’m lovingly imparting to them. When they’re not into it like I am. I really do wanna feel loved, special, and unique. I love everyone even if they don’t always show me the deep attention I long for.

I feel so blessed and heard and understood when people say I have a gift and when they truly thank me for pouring out a bit of myself to them through the piano. I have put many many hours into honing my craft. I appreciate it when people see the fruits of these labors. Those 12 hours a week when I was 15 years old and countless hours before and after. The sacrifice. The missed time with friends.

My talent on the piano is all thanks to my God. He loves me. He loves you. Open your heart to him. Listen. Heal. Find what you love in this world and drink it in. Jesus lives. You are loved. Here’s a playlist that I hope touches your heart as much as it does mine. It’s my gift to you from God.

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