What Makes Writing Great?

Writing well can be tough. I like writing because it enables me to say what I want to say in a thought-out, more elegant way. Before writing a sentence, I have to first think about it in my head, visualize it, and then write it down. I often feel I sound more polished and professional through writing. Speaking (verbally) in a way that inspires confidence seems to involve a lot, and it’s a real challenge for me.

To become a master at verbal communication, you need to hone your tone of voice, focus on eye contact, and be concise, yet thorough. I guess it is similar to writing in many ways, but the difference is that it all happens much faster. When I write something, I can take a minute to go back and review what I’ve written. I can revise, tweak, and wordsmith until things sound the way I’d like them to (I have even done that with this post). When someone asks me a question, on the other hand, and I am forced to respond verbally, I have to respond quickly and I don’t have time to edit.

I would like to be a better verbal communicator. People who don’t know me might say I sound disinterested when I talk to them. This is where tone of voice comes into play. Even if I am excited, I sometimes sound bored because of how low and monotonous my voice can be. Improving the way I speak will take some concerted effort. Maybe it’ll take recording myself and listening to how I actually sound. I think improving my spoken communication really could help me come across more professional. It would certainly help in business communication and potential job interviews and what not.

I like writing. It allows me to express myself more eloquently. Now it’s time to work on speaking. šŸ˜‰

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