2019 Goals, Checking In

As I’ve thought about my goal to write on my blog 5 times per week, I’ve realized a few things:

  • It’s doable
  • But, making the posts as robust and well thought-out as I’d like is proving difficult at that cadence.

I haven’t been perfect in posting 5 times per week, but I’ve been at least somewhat close. I feel I’ve just been throwing stuff out there without any rhyme or reason. I think one of my focuses was to see if I could capitalize on any current Google trends. That was how I have been picking posts up to this point.

I might change it up a bit.

As far as recording hymns and sharing them, I’m off to a good start there. I’ve recorded 4 more and I’m posting them gradually. I plan to record some new ones every Friday and then post them periodically in the next week.

I also plan to make this site look better and gradually make it more targeted. I haven’t landed on exactly what I want the niche to be, but I trust that I will soon. For now, I’ve kind of been writing on a bunch of different things to see what I like and also to see what sticks.

I’d like to have one section of this site be dedicated to my music. Still trying to figure out how best to showcase it. I’ve also thought about doing song parodies and maybe even starting some kind of little business where I can make parodies for businesses. Might be a long shot, but I’m fairly good with words.


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